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My name is Luca…..and I Live & Travel on this planet!

Since my first journey, as a young student, in 1973, driving from Geneva to Kathmandu on the footsteps of Marco Polo and Alexander the Great, the travel fascination never left me.

India in particular dazzled me. The beauty, the history, the variety, the people ! of this vast land kept me under the charm, stay after stay, past or present, such is the greatness of this country with so many magical places to be discovered.

To travel became a passion, a need, and to quench my thirst I created Voyages Personnalisés to share with others my enthusiasm. The world is ours to be visited !

With my local partners, a high end reputed agency, covering the whole country and handling all the arrangements , with my experience and knowledge, you will discover countries and territories which, although might be familiar, hold hidden treasures unearthed by our know-how for your pleasure.

Luca Borella

Why Travel with Voyages Personnalisés ?


Travel safe and relaxed, our professionals there will take good care of your needs and wishes


Dates and timings are for you to decide, travel at your pace as you feel


Exclusive and unique Itineraries crafted as per your wishes


A seasoned expertise in exceptional journeys at your service

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