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Delhi, the political capital of India, is the main gateway for visiting the north of the country. For centuries, it was the seat of the imperial power of the Mughal dynasties that succeeded one another in the conquest of the Indian continent. The East India Company and then the British Empire designed New Delhi to establish their capital there.

A necessary landing station to visit the states that surround it, New Delhi is dotted with historical sites and enchanting parks, stirred by the traditional life of a very old country and very modern at the same time, and animated by scores of cultural events that such an important metropolis must have. It deserves that one stops there for few days to capture its essence.

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Many vestiges of the past can be visited including the famous Q’Tab Minar, the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid mosque, the tomb of Humayum, these are only some of Mughal empire’s wonders that will enchant your visits.

Not to mention the heart of the city, Connaught Place, drawn during the imperial and colonial British period, by Lutyens the city planner, the English Haussmann that developed Paris.



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On foot, by car, metro or rickshaw, discover the hectic life of this huge metropolis and visit the many bazaars that animate it.

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