Delhi          02 night

 Mandawa        02 nights

 Bikaner        01 night

 Jaisalmer      03 nights

 Jodhpur        01 night

Chanoudgarh    02 nights

 Bera           02 nights

 Udaipur        02 nights



Day 01 :    Arrive in DELHI

Meals : None

On arrival at the Delhi International airport our representative will welcome you and escort you to your Hotel.

Overnight in Delhi

Day 02 :   DELHI

Meals Included :  Breakfast,

 If trees and streets could talk, the stories that would pour out of Delhi would keep listenersmesmerized for years. With a history as a capital, Delhi has seen the tides of several rulers from those that people the pages of the epic poem, Mahabharata to the Tughlaq and Mughal empires from Persia, from the imperial colonial armies to the present-day government. Looted, plundered, and resurrected over the years, Delhi emerges from the ashes of her past to take her place in the world as a global capital – politically, culturally and commercially.

India custom made travel - Delhi - Red Fort - Voyages Personnalisés

Red Fort Delhi

This morning after breakfast we will start our day with a colonial walk of New Delhi, a city that largely owes its present-day avatar to a man named Edwin Lutyens, a man best known for adapting traditional architecture to contemporary styles. Head towards the India Gate, a monument commemorating the deaths of over 70,000 Indian soldiers in the British Forces during the World War I. Older British buildings that were used as power hubs house today’s Parliament and Secretariat.

Thereafter we begin our exploration of Old Delhi. The fabled city of Shahjahanabad, with its colourful streets continues to enchant her visitors to this day.  Old Delhi is just not a cultural hub but is also home to some of the world’s exquisite spices and street food.

India custom made - New Delhi personalized

Heading down Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, partly on foot, partly by cycle-rickshaw, one can palpably experience the sacred yet secular way of life that is so typical of India. Interestingly, apart from the assortment of stores selling everything from jewelry to sarees, numerous eateries have also been established along these bylanes that add flavor (literally!) to the old market – and tangibly evoke a sense of history.

From the delectable ‘jalebis’ – wheat batter pretzels steeped in sugar syrup that are popular as ‘zulbias’ in the Middle East and Africa, to the ‘rabrifalooda’, a traditional cold beverage made of rose syrup, vermicelli, basil seeds, tapioca pearls and pieces of gelatin with milk or water that can trace its roots to Persia, the walk down Chandni Chowk is a sensory overload.

We end our journey of old Delhi at Khari Baoli, Asia’s largest wholesale spice market.

India - New delhi Historical Capital City

After lunch we will drive to the Humayun’s Tomb and step back into time, as we visit this 16th Century tomb built for the second Mughal emperor, Humayun. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, an older tomb of Inayat Khan, and a functioning masjid, the Humayun’s tomb is a lovely relic from the past.

This afternoon will be at your leisure for shopping. With its delightful bazaars and markets that range from pavement shops to multi brand malls, India is a shoppers haven. Not only is the country famous for its range of traditional arts, jewelry and handicrafts, you will also find great deals in branded luxury goods.

Free for dinner.

Overnight in Delhi

Day 03 :   DELHI – MANDAWA

 Journey Time –6 hours’ drive

Meals Included Breakfast,

 This morning after breakfast commence your drive tMandawa the heart of the Shekhawati and on arrival check into your Hotel.

Several feudal outposts in Rajasthan, were once trading town on old caravan routes, and today, they echo their former glory through grand ‘havelis’ – mansions of the heads of the principality. Mandawa bears witness to a rich history with numerous havelis and a well-adorned fort – and undisputably, holds onto the claims of the Shekhawati region being among the lesser-known marvels of Rajasthan’s landscape.

Custom made travel Rajasthan - Mandava

Rest of the day will be at your leisure.

Overnight in Mandava

 Day 04 :   MANDAWA

Meals Included Breakfast,

 This Morning after breakfast en route to visit amazing painted havelis of nearby villages of Mandawa, such as Fathepur, Bissau.

Shekawati personalized - painted haveli

Overnight in Mandava



 Journey Time –3 hours’ drive

Meals Included Breakfast,

 This morning after breakfast commence your drive to Bikaner also know as the camel country, is famous for its Junagarh fortand on arrival check into your Hotel.

Visit Rajasthan - Bikaner

Afternoon visit  Junagarh Fort which dominates the city centre, and its history is interwined with that of Bikaner. Over the years, over 20 rulers resided in the Junagarh fort and each added their personal, ornate touches to the structure. The ceilings and pillars are embellished with dazzling gold work, and has many royal heirlooms on display – including a World War I trophy of a Havilland fighter plane. As you walk from the fort past the decorative havelis, let our storyteller guide narrate the city’s illustrious history of reign, riches and ruin.

Then visit the National Research Centre for Camels. Surely, the only place one would expect a National Research Centre for the ‘ships of the desert’ would be a place that regards its camels highly, and Bikaner, like other towns in Rajasthan does just that. The camel’s milk is said to be high in nutrition, with a good quantity insulin, antimicrobial effects – and if locals are to be believed, a powerful aphrodisiac. Visit the research centre with a local guide to know more about the science and folklore behind camel milk, hide and hair – and come away, with a new-found respect for these animals.

Evening will be at your leisure.

 Overnight in Bikaner



 Journey Time –6 hours’ drive

Meals Included – Breakfast,


This morning, after an early breakfast,  commence your drive to Jaisalmer, the Golden city, and having also camels in abundance and on arrival check into your Hotel.

Once upon a time, Jaisalmer was a bustling caravanserai along the Silk Route, and the royal Rajput clan grew wealthy collecting taxes from merchants en route from India to Afghanistan. As with all trade, in due course of time, ransacking and pilfering led to feuds between the royals clans and the Delhi Sultanate, and the Jaisalmer fort was captured, forcing its people to flee to nearby areas that fall within present-day Pakistan. After regimes of the Mughal and Maratha Empires, and an annexe by the British colony, Jaisalmer’s trading glory faded with the establishment of seaports. Today, Jaisalmer is preserved as a World Heritage Site, its pale yellow sandstone structures resemble a shimmering mirage in the desert, and it has the whimsical exoticism of a by-gone, fairytale era.

Rajasthan custom made travel - Jaisalmer

Overnight in Jaisalmer

Day 7 :      JAISALMER

Meals Included Breakfast

 Today you begin your exploration of this romantic and isolated fort town. Located in the far west of India’s Thar Desert, Jaisalmer owes its wealth to the former trade routes linking India and the Middle East. The town’s great feature is its fort, nearly a thousand years old, which towers over the town. This is where you begin your Jaisalmer exploration today, following the cobbled roads to the fort gates and in to the maze of narrow lane ways which crisscross the fort interior. Of India’s many forts, Jaisalmer is unique in being the only ‘town fort’ in which the community still lives and trades. Marvel at the intricately carved sandstone havelis (merchants’ houses), the ornate temples of the Jain religion, and the views over the city’s rooftops and on to the desert hills from the ramparts. You might need to squeeze past some of the local cows, who at times block the alleyways as they take advantage of their revered status.

This afternoon, drive to the small desert village of Khuri and take a camel ride beyond the village into the desert. Enjoy sunset from a ridge of dunes overlooking the vast expanse of desert, see local women in vibrant saris collecting water from the village well, and perhaps even spot local wildlife like jackals and gazelle.

Rajasthan desert custom made travel - Khuri

Optional: you can spend the night in a tented camp in Khuri

 Overnight in Jaisalmer or in Khuri

Day 8 :   JAISALMER     

Meals Included Breakfast

The day is yours to relax and visit the city

Rajasthan travel custom made - Jaisalmer

Overnight in Jaisalmer


Journey Time : 5 hour drive

Meals Included Breakfast,

This morning after breakfast  you will drive to Jodhpur a city known for its magnificent forts and palaces.

On arrival check into your hotel.

Epitomizing the romance and feudal splendor of Rajasthan with the majestic Meherangarh Fort towering over it, the city of Jodhpur was once a flourishing trade centre for opium, silk and copper. Painted a brilliant shade of blue, Jodhpur is the last bastion of fort ramparts, colourful bazaars, animated people with their storytelling traditions before the desert sands and dunes stretch away towards the horizon.

Evening walk through the Blue City, the historic district that surrounds the foot of Meherangarh Fort.Step back in time with our Old City Walk of Jodhpur, as you explore the older quartiers of the ‘blue city’. Stroll through the bazaars of the old city where you can find everything from traditional handicrafts to copper pots and pans! Sardar Bazaar, as it is known, has several beautiful havelis primarily made of red sandstone. Follow this with a visit to the vegetable market – where the colours and varieties of local produce from gourds to beans, from leafy greens to tubers will showcase tropical produce at its best.

Jodhpur parsonalized travel Rajasthan

Overnight in Jodhpur


Journey Time : 3 hour drive

Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning after breakfast you can visit Meherangarh Fort, one of the most majestic of Rajasthan’s forts, described by the author Rudyard Kipling as “the creation of angels, fairies and giants”.  Its forbidding ramparts are in sharp contrast to the flamboyantly decorated palaces within. Founded in 1459, the sandstone fort was added to by later rulers between 17th and 19th centuries.

Later you will commence your drive to Chanaudgarh and on arrival check into your Hotel. Lunch at hotel

Chanoud Garh – A 300-year-old palace with just seven suites and entire family is involved in providing a very personalized experience. The Safaris and visits are conducted by the family members themselves. Every bit of the palace has been carefully preserved to lead you back to the era of the gallant rulers. The delicate stone filigree Jharokhas, the rough marble pillared corridors, the Grand Durbars, the winding doorways that lead to courtyards or opulent lawns, the strong colonial and local influence in the rooms; all whisper small snippets of history.

Rajasthan exclusive - Chanoudgarh

Late afternoon guided tour of property. Evening enjoy high tea on terrace with viewing the sun disappearing from eyes.

Overnight and Dinner tonight will be at Chanodgarh.


Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

A small village tucked away between Udaipur and Jodhpur would have never been on travellers’s itineraries were it not for ancestral palace of Chanoud Garh – a 300 year old property built by a Thakur. Inhabited by the Rabari herdsmen, Chanod is an offbeat destination that promises an intimate encounter with Rajasthan’s rustic folk. Chanod is perched on a lake surrounded by salt pans – where each year, huge flocks of wintering migrants come to roost.

This morning walk through the Chanoud village escorted by a host from Chanoud, the access to local homes allows an insight into their lives. The village itself is interesting to explore.

Lunch at hotel.

Late afternoon proceed for jeep safari through the countryside. End your drive at the salt pans to watch a spectacular sunset over a cup of tea.

Overnight and dinner in  Chanoudgarh


Journey Time – 2 hour drive

Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

 This morning after breakfast commence drive to Bera and on arrival check into your Hotel.

Rest of the day at leisure to explore your surroundings. At sunset time, enjoy a safari to spot the leopards.

Overnight in Bera

Day 13 :     BERA

Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch

A healthy population of 50+ Leopards is there in Bera/Jawai Region, and it’s one of the few places on earth where among human settlements leopards thrive, The area is inhabited by Rabari Tribe (The Shepherds/Herdsmen) and where they is pray predators follow. Shatrunjay team heads out early morning to locate leopards based on the previous days movement patterns and tracks and signs to ensure the best possible leopards viewing. Some of the animals found in the area – Indian Leopard, Caracal (Rare sight), Chinkara, Desert Cat, Indian Wolf, Sloth Bear, Pythons, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Striped Hyena, Blue Bulls etc.

Leopard India custom made

Today you will have Leopard Safaris, one at dawn and another at sunset time.

Overnight in Bera

Day 14 :    BERA – RANAKPUR (1.5 hour drive) – RANAKPUR – UDAIPUR (2.5 hour drive)

 Meals Included Breakfast,

 This morning after breakfast you willcommence your drive to Udaipur with en-route stop at Ranakpur Temples set in a secluded, wooded valley of the Aravalli Hills (opens at 12 noon).

Ranakpur temples - personalized Rajasthan

The 15th-century Ranakpur Temple’s grand scale, architectural complexity and sculptural ornamentation rank it among the finest examples of temple architecture. The main temple is dedicated to the founder of the Jainism and Ranakpur is one among five holy places for the Jain followers.

Later continue your drive to Udaipur a romantic city of lakeand on arrival check into your hotel.

Overnight in Udaipur

 Day 15 :     UDAIPUR 

Meals Included Breakfast,

 An oasis nestled in the lap of the Aravalli Mountain range and has a tranquil serenity that belies its tumultuous past. Udaipur, originally a thriving caravanserai later became a capital of local, royal clans. Udaipur’s serene lakes, beautiful gardens and magnificent palaces lend it a nostalgia that has often earned it the acclaim of being one of the most romantic places in the world. Apart from a place in history, Udaipur has been immortalized in contemporary culture in iconic films from Jewel in the Crown, James Bond’s Octopussy to Gandhi.

Exclusive Rajasthan - Udaipur

This morning explore the City Palace, with its blend of stern Rajput military architecture and lavish Mughal inspired decorative art. This is the largest palace in Rajasthan sprawled out over an area of 5 acres, built between the 16th and 20th centuries. Then continue on to the Jagdish Temple, a three-storied wonder of architecture comprising of an intricately sculpted spire, beautifully carved pillars, decorated ceilings and painted walls dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the sustainer in Hindu mythology.

Udaipur city palace - rajasthan

Then continue on to the Jagdish Temple, a three-storied wonder of architecture comprising of an intricately sculpted spire, beautifully carved pillars, decorated ceilings and painted walls dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the sustainer in Hindu mythology.

This afternoon walk through the old city to discover the various facets of markets and artists and artisans at work. Udaipur, famous for its traditional miniature paintings, which are mural-like depicting incidents from Rajput or Mughal history and legends or stories from the Hindu mythology.

Overnight in Udaipur

Day 16 :    UDAIPUR – DELHI

Meals Included – Breakfast

 Late morning you will be escorted to Udaipur Airport to board your flight for Delhi.

On arrival at Delhi airport, our representative will receive you at the airport, assist you in check-in formalities for your flight back home.