India Southern Bengal Personalised Tour - Exclusive Itinerary


Calcutta      03 night

Bishnupur    02 nights

Sreerampore   02 night

Rajbari      02 nights


Day 1  :  Arrive in Calcutta
Meals Included: None

 On arrival at Kolkatta International airport our representative will receive you at the visitor’s lounge, and escort you to the Hotel.

Check-in at your hotel.

Day 2  :  Calcutta
Meals Included: Breakfast,

 The port city of Kolkata is formerly known as Calcutta – a name that conjures up suffering for most Westerners due to the well-published stories of post-war torture of British troops, but was a centre for intellectual and cultural change across India. A city of trade ties, Kolkata soon became a British capital, and later during India’s struggle for independence was a hotbed of revolutionary unrest and freedom movements. Rabindranath Tagore, a poet-composer, Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, a philosopher-poet who founded a utopian city, Satyajit Ray, a filmmaker extraordinaire are some of the legendary people whose roots were in Kolkata and have made significant contributions to the fields of literature, music and movies. Kolkata is a rich, cultural potpourri of a quintessential Indian experience – the colonial elements overlaid by a patriotic, revolutionary zeal.

India Southern Bengal Personalised Tour - Exclusive Itinerary

This morning, we will take a walk around the Dalhousie Square which happened to be the main administrative center of the entire country during the colonial rule. Almost every building one looks around in this part of the city is of the Raj era including the Currency building and the famed Writers building to name a couple. Post this; a short drive will take us to Bomti’s where a traditional Bengali lunch awaits us.

After lunch you will visit the famed Victoria Memorial which is probably the grandest of all that was built by the British in Eastern India. Interestingly, it was built at the latter part of the rule unlike most other administrative buildings which are much older. In fact, in the year 2021 is when the memorial would have completed a 100 years. The most striking of all is the noticeable white marble used to build this structure which is similar to the Taj Mahal in Agra. An interesting museum inside the memorial provides vital information of the history during the British rule. We will carry on from here to take a joy ride on a tram in Calcutta. Trams happen to be one of the oldest heritages that have remained in the city. The most preferred ride is from Kidder pore in south Calcutta to Esplanade near our hotel. The ride is about a 35minute journey which overlaps with some interesting points in the city with the maidan sporting grounds on your right followed by the Victoria Memorial in a little distance and Fort Williams on your left in addition to the second Howrah Bridge (built post British Era). The tram journey is not just a ride but also a peek into the culture of Calcutta’s yesteryears and the struggle of the lower middle class of the city.


 Day 3 :   Calcutta
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

 This morning, start at dawn and drive to north Calcutta to the largest wholesale market of vegetables and spice in the city. Walk through the bustling market full of activities and smell of fresh vegetables and spices. Across the street is a large fish market which is a showcase of the city’s obsession with fish. The market boasts of a wide variety of fresh and salt water fish that come in and go out for feeding the fish frenzy people in Calcutta.

Followed by a short drive to the Mullick Ghat flower market under the famed Howrah bridge. For all the film crazy people on this tour, note that these ghats (or river banks) which we visit now are some of the places where the movie ‘Lion’ was shot. Post the flower market we walk across the Howrah bridge on to the Howrah station from where we take a ferry across with fellow passengers back to the banks at Babughat. At Babughat, witness multiple families perform the last rights of their deceased family members. Post this, we will pay a visit to the Missionaries of Charity initiated by Mother Teresa to serve to the poor and vulnerable children of the city.

India Southern Bengal Personalised Tour - Exclusive Itinerary

Return back to hotel. Start early afternoon with a lunch at Arsalan’s where we will indulge in to Calcutta’s famed Biryani and kebabs, an influence left behind by the Mughals and the Nawabs of the yesteryears. For those who prefer a continental lunch rather than a Mughal cuisine, may lunch at Blue Sky just beside our hotel. Later in the evening, we will walk across some of the ghettos of Calcutta. While the city may have been known for the colonial rule of the British, yet with Calcutta being close to the sea made it a favorable place for trade. Walks into the Bow Baracks of the Anglo Indian community, the Parsi Fire temple, the Chinese ghetto, the Maghen David Synagogue of the Baghdadi Jews and the Armenian Church are proof of the number of traders who visited and even stayed back at Calcutta for decades and over a century. This walk is fascinating and interestingly an eye opener for all history buffs of how Calcutta was a favorable trading port of traders across the world.


 Day 4 :   Calcutta – Bishnupur  – Journey Time – 5 hour drive
Meals Included: Breakfast

 After a leisurely breakfast you will depart for next destination: Bishnupur. Today leave the familiar surroundings of a city and drive through rural Bengal to the town of Bisnupur which has gained prominence and recognition for its history of terracotta and temples. We arrive at the West Bengal Tourism Guest House for lunch. Allow yourself some time off in the afternoon.

Later in the evening, take a short drive out to the rural parts of Bengal outside the town to a place called Gongoni. It is a beautiful setting of Geological formations and is often referred as the Grand Canyon of Bengal.

Overnight – Bishnupur

 Day 5 :  Bishnupur
Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

 Today, you will explore the Temples of Bishnupur. Multiple temples dot the town for which it has gained prominence. Exploring them needs time and is best done slow paced. Amongst the most renowned of the many are the Jor-Bangla Temple, PanchaRatna Temple, Laliji Temple and the Mrinmayee temple that was built before 1000 A.D. century and hosts a famous Durga Puja that continues for two weeks. The Jor Bangla temple and PanchaRatna in particular have impressive and noticeable terracotta influences.

India Southern Bengal Personalised Tour - Exclusive Itinerary


Overnight – Bishnupur

Day 6 :   Bishnupur – Sreerampore – Journey Time – 5 hour drive
Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

 After breakfast you will drive to Kalna. Kalna is another fascinating temple town with the most striking 108 Shiva temples within the same temple complex. Other interesting temples include the Pratapeshwar temple and Siddeshwari Kali Bari that is dedicated to the fearsome goddess in the form of Kali. Continue your drive to Scandinavian colony of Sreerampore. Arrive at the Danish Tavern by late afternoon where you will have lunch. Enjoy the evening with a riverside view from the Tavern itself. Visiting the St. Olav Church just beside the Tavern is an option. It happens to be one of the few religious sites built by the Danish traders at the time.

India Southern Bengal Personalised Tour - Exclusive Itinerary


Overnight – Sreerampore

Day 7 :   Sreerampore
Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Post breakfast at the Tavern, you will drive to Chinsurah. This town was colonized by the Dutch traders and is also situated by the river. A must to visit here is the Dutch and English cemetery that speaks of traders and their families who had made Bengal their second home. Their lives are depicted on the engravings of their tombs. The tombs are a history of sorts of the lives and the hardships the western traders and their families faced in the form of Cholera, or ship wrecks. Near to Chinsurah is an old Imambara, an Islamic construction of the 19th century. While the courtyard and minarets are impressive, much of it is in ruins. There is a decent view of the river and the countryside from atop the minarets.

India Southern Bengal Personalised Tour - Exclusive Itinerary

Drive onward back southward to the French colony of Chandannagore. A visit to the French museum here talks of the French history in India. Chandannagore is similar to a mini Pondicherry of sorts. Just beside the museum is a church built during the time and an inviting river front promenade that overlooks the boats plying up and down this little town. Have lunch here at Chandannagore before heading back to Sreerampore later in the evening.

Overnight – Sreerampore

 Day 8 :   Sreerampore – Rajbari – Journey Time – 3 hour drive
Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast at Sreerampore, you will drive to the next destination that is the Rajbari Bawali which is a two hour southward of Calcutta. On your arrival you will check-in at the Rajbari.

The stay at the Rajbari is an experience in itself. Such lavish stays were particularly owned by the Zamindars ( land lords) all across Bengal and much of Eastern India even pre Colonial rule and continued during the British Raj as long as the landlords recognized the British supremacy and showed cooperation with favours and allowance to free trade. Set in rural Bengal, the stay allows a quiet end to the tour. Allow yourself time this evening to absorb the environment and surroundings of this lovely heritage stay.

Overnight – Rajbari

Day 9 :   RAJBARI 
Meals Included – Breakfast / Dinner

India Southern Bengal Personalised Tour - Exclusive Itinerary

Today start the sightseeing of Rajbari with the following activities:

Village Walk:

Set off for a walk in the morning after breakfast starting at the ruin of the fabulous temples that were built by the Mondals of Bawali and heading to the ‘JOLTUMI BAGAN’, which was once a ‘Naach House’ which used to be the dancing platform in the middle of a pond. You will get to see a simple rural Bengal and enjoy the lush greenery around you.

From here you have the option of continuing your walk from ‘Joltumi Bagan’ to the sacred Banyan Tree of good luck at ‘BARO KACHARI’ or come back to the property for Elevenses.

Rest of the you will be at leisure.

Towards late afternoon take Sun Downer- Boat Ride On The Ganges.

Set off on the ‘Tuk-tuks’ from The Rajbari Bawali to the river front at Raypur which is about 25 minutes ride from The Rajbari Bawali. The river side is dotted with fields and we have to use the steps from one of these brick kilns. Set out on the river boat and enjoy a languid afternoon as the sun goes down. We will serve you with refreshments and also organize a small ritual for the river Gods. This is one of the most calming and beautiful experiences you can have. Its simplicity is what makes it special.

Evening participate in Sandhya Aarti

Evening prayers are normally on the regal steps of The Rajbari Bawali. Samar Mondol, who is from the original Mondal family that owned The Rajbari Bawali chants Sanskrit Slokas for your well-being to the auspicious sound of conch shells and the Bengali Dhak (Drums).

Overnight – Rajbari

Day 10 :   Rajbari – Calcutta – Onward destination – Journey Time – Approx.  2 hours’ drive
Meals Included – Breakfast, Lunch

Morning is at your leisure. – Lunch at hotel.

Post lunch commence your drive to Kolkata. On arrival at Kolkatta airport, our representative will provide assistance for your International flight back home.